90% of B2B Marketers say #ABM is a “Must-Have”

But only 20% have programs deployed and only 60% are actively investing in technology to make it happen

Kudos once again to DemandBase! This research is bang on!

Key point – 100% of orgs using ABM report aligned sales and marketing efforts!

Love the quote from their CMO, Peter Isaacson… “B2B marketers have realized that marketing to large quantities of individuals doesn’t result in quality sales opportunities. But now technology is helping them to scale their ABM efforts, so instead of targeting 50 or 100 accounts, companies can target a few hundred or a few thousand accounts.” This scale lends itself to make ABM a powerful game changer for B2B marketers!

Source: Study: B2B Marketers Call Account-Based Marketing A “Must-Have,” While Only 20% Have Programs