Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment

Teamwork and revenue success are directly related!

New findings from research conducted by Demandbase and Demand Metric


Every few days I hear someone describe that sales and marketing alignment is necessary for Account Based Marketing. I agree, but isn’t that the same point for effective B2B marketing in general? Nevertheless, I was struck by a nugget of research springing from a new Demandbase / Demand Metric research report: Account-Based Marketing Adoption.

<h1>Account Based Marketing and Sales and Marketing Alignment</h1>

Now, we have actual data to quantify this point of view, and success at generating incremental revenue through ABM is directly related to the quality of sales and marketing alignment. I encourage everyone to download the full report but the nuts and bolts of the data indicate that 40% of ABM programs show no revenue increase after a year of work, but 100% of those programs also indicate that they have less than satisfactory sales and marketing alignment. Wow!