Industry’s first event to celebrate Account Based Orchestration!

We invented ABM Orchestration, now we celebrate it!

Two years ago I published the very first ABM Capabilities Framework. The first version was very crude but I wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

It's always a concern that a great idea doesn't really pan out and EVERYONE has an opinion around ABM. Then, we published our first research report on the topic. It was truly amazing.

Don't Miss This Great Event!

  • When:Tuesday May 16th, 8:30AM
  • Where:The Salesforce Incubator, SOMA / San Francisco
  • Who:Join ZenIQ, Martech Advisor, Salesforce Ventures, Craig Rosenberg, Jason Hekl, Meagen Eisenberg and more
  • What:All-star lineup will identify needs and best practices for account-based marketers to identify the human element of their efforts, to drive revenue by engaging target account buyers based upon their interests and needs.

Power Couples = CMO + Marketing Ops

Our first event is going to dig into an amazing part of Orchestration, the relationship between marketing strategy leaders and their operational team members.

What’s their secret? How is it that some marketing teams are able to deploy, operationalize, and realize ROI from new marketing technology faster than others? (Spoiler alert if you want to wait and find out…) The secret is that they were one half of a power-couple partnership, an alliance between the strategic marketing leader and the head of marketing ops – the left brain and the right brain of their marketing departments.


Come find out their secrets in this invite-only workshop entitled “The Rise of Marketing Power Couples”. The future of B2B marketing belongs to these power couples.

Kicking off this workshop, we’ll industry luminaries share their point of view on this Power Couple phenomenon and its fit to the Account-Based Orchestration strategies needed to drive target account engagement with todays savvy, cross-channel buyer.

Jason Hekl will guide us through a panel discussion with each Power Couple. A marketer par excellence, he’s the analyst who was part of the trio that coined the term “Account Based Marketing” at Sirius Decisions!

  • Mark Ogne, CMO of ZenIQ will open up the session. Having founded the concept of ABM Orchestration more than two years ago, Mark will introduce the core concepts of this workshop and set the table for how our Power Couples truly are visionary in their practices.
  • Matt Garratt, VP of Salesforce Ventures and Corporate Development will share his expertise on the technology and strategy landscape that marketers face.
  • Amit Varshneya, CEO of MarTech Advisor will share his experience and learning from more than 1.1 million marketing followers to their publication.


Using the experience of actual Power Couples, we’ll examine:

  • Specific Marketing Ops recommendations where data and tech assets can aim at a higher purpose, revenue. How actionable and targetable data, and coordination across account strategies for sales and marketing can empower demand gen effectiveness and measurability.
  • Demand Gen success at deploying actionable and targetable data to increase performance of their investments, and how this targeting towards account strategies make programs more measurable to the primary objective, revenue.

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