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The Video: 600 #ABM practitioners, 4 Continents, 6 C Level execs

Really a fantastic live webinar. 6 C level execs from the top ABM platforms and agencies share “high-performance ABM” with a HUGE audience! Mark Ogne, Founder of ABM Consortium & EVP Demand Metric Rob Slaughter, President Markistry Nick Heys, CEO Azalead Peter Isaacson, CMO Demandbase Joakim Lange, Int’l Leader Freya News Christopher Engman, CEO Vendemore Kevin Cunningham, CEO MRP Q&A…

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#ABM webinar today – 600 registrants from 4 continents

The Case For ABM – Lessons from the Masters I’d like to offer heartfelt thanks to all attendees and the #ABM Consortium partners. What a great session today! The Account Based Marketing Consortium is now the largest and fastest growing meeting place for B2B marketers navigating the waters towards ABM success. Over the last four months, nearly 2,500 marketers have…

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B2B Marketers Can Learn From B2C Mistakes!

I was reading a great article in MediaPost this morning and it reminded me of the concept that the true cost of the media you buy isn’t the CPM, CPC or cost per message. The real cost of those media investments include the cost of forcing your audience to ignore you – adblocking technology, declaring your email as SPAM, and ultimately…

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Account Based Marketing & Sales Alignment

Teamwork and revenue success are directly related! New findings from research conducted by Demandbase and Demand Metric   Every few days I hear someone describe that sales and marketing alignment is necessary for Account Based Marketing. I agree, but isn’t that the same point for effective B2B marketing in general? Nevertheless, I was struck by a nugget of research springing from a new Demandbase /…

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Account-Based Marketing Meets Big Data – DemandBase acquires WhoToo

With the WhoToo acquisition, we’ll have the opportunity to create new Account-Based Marketing solutions that help B2B marketers reach the right people in their target accounts more effectively. Chris Golec, CEO DemandBase Placing the source of data closer to the platform that consumes it… makes a ton of sense. Great acquisition team DemandBase! For years I’ve pondered the issues surrounding marketing data……

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B2B Marketer’s Guide to Dreamforce – Demandbase

Demandbase put together their annual infographic to help B2B marketers navigate Dreamforce. Awesome selection of sessions, parties and more. Check it out! Source: The B2B Marketer’s Guide to Dreamforce :: Demandbase B2B Marketing

Going to Dreamforce ’15? Interested in ABM? Check out these sessions by DemandBase

My first Dreamforce was in 2004. The whole event was in the lower rooms at the Hyatt Embarcadero. The exhibit hall held about 20 booths and was right outside the keynote hall… that was maybe 50 x 80. It’s truly amazing to see what they’ve done with this event in such a short period of time. Having been to a…

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90% of B2B Marketers say #ABM is a “Must-Have”

But only 20% have programs deployed and only 60% are actively investing in technology to make it happen Kudos once again to DemandBase! This research is bang on! Key point – 100% of orgs using ABM report aligned sales and marketing efforts! Love the quote from their CMO, Peter Isaacson… “B2B marketers have realized that marketing to large quantities of individuals doesn’t…

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