ABM Metrics That Matter: The ICARE philosophy – video interview with Jon Miller

jon-miller-engagioJon Miller is focused on helping ABM practitioners drive successful metrics to their programs. An absolutely critical component of high-performance ABM.

As follow up to his presentation at the launch of the ABM Consortium, Jon fielded a significant number of questions about how marketers need to consider the differences between other programs, like demand gen and inbound programs, versus ABM Programs. Whether an acronym or mnemonic device, Jon has come up with a great way for ABM practitioners to remember the core needs for measuring their programs:

  • Impact – identify how and when a marketing activity produces an outcome that was beneficial
  • Coverage –  this is about the quality of your data, the right accounts and the right people
  • Awareness – within your target audience, know the level of base familiarity (awareness) target accounts have for your solution
  • Reach – this is the percentage of people you connect with that are the ones you are targeting
  • Engagement – the holy grail, measure the amount of time that the right people at the right accounts spend with you.

Check out the video and comment with your thoughts!