@JonMiller Publishes “Clear & Complete Guide To #ABM”

The Clear & Complete Guide to Account Based MarketingIn reading Jon’s book, I really enjoyed the focus on performance and giving concrete ideas as to how marketers need to think of their deployments.  Kicking off my thoughts, I’d like to start with a great quote from the book…

“ABM is not a magic wand. Instead, it’s a powerful combination of people, process, and technology that deployed intelligently will outperform every other demand generation initiative in your company.”

With all of the hype and hyperbole in the discussion of ABM, Jon really nails it here. It’s not a catchy phrase, a top 10 list or an abstract presentation of ideas. ABM has a proven road to success, to high-performance.

A particular value delivered to practitioners, Jon’s taken the effort to compose checklists and worksheets to help guide activity and thought process. Organized by the same framework created and promoted by the ABM Consortium, these assets add a lot of color to the underlying work.

My take? Two thumbs up

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