Celsius International – Every Enterprise B2B Marketer Needs To Check Them Out

AntoniChumillasI just hung up from the most insightful and strategic B2B marketing conversation I’ve had in years. Antoni Chumillas, Head of EMEA Sales and Marketing for Celsius, laid out a strategic vision that is far beyond the typical point solution conversation we often read.

Their vision is data-centric, enabling proper marketing to extend across ABM, Marketing Automation and demand gen programs. Our conversation started with areas that they fulfill in the ABM Consortium Capabilities Framework, a deep expertise in Account Selection and Insights. Their vision is enabled by a proprietary platform to help marketers cleanse, append, integrate silos, and consolidate their databases. Their platform, the Celsius Cloud, enables clients to develop and maintain what they call a “comprehensive data universe”. The resulting system is more valuable and rich with insights that span current activity to relationships that identify buying influence and interests, and look-a-likes. More than deduping leads to accounts and contacts, Celsius is providing the means to break out of the flat data structures and realize the possibility of cross-channel, target centric marketing.

I’m looking forward to learning more of Celsius, their data platform and hosted B2B demand gen services.

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  1. January 31, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Mark, Good post. And you know that this is something we’ve been saying for some time. At Kwanzoo, we see ABM as part of a broader demand gen and marketing program mix. As ABM solution providers, we all do our customers a disservice – unless we start with their goals first, and we recommend ABM where appropriate (and not as the magic bullet for all their customer acquisition and pipeline acceleration needs.)

    We take the approach of discussing with our customers what “data assets” they have to work with – existing site traffic, email lists, the state of readiness of their target account lists. Demand marketers are under pressure to deliver non-stop to their sales teams – so we think it’s important to have a mix of near-term and longer-term strategies and program executions underway – ABM being one of many. Quite often we get programs underway for customers around B2B retargeting (site, email, predictive) to achieve some near term “quick wins”. We kick off their ABM programs soon as that’s ready to go (may be a few months later, when they’ve had their conversations with sales.) And the B2B retargeting programs are continuously refined to deliver / align with their ABM goals.

    On the Celsius approach re: “comprehensive data universe” – we think mid-to-large B2B enterprises will all pursue a diverse set of strategies there – often guided by their existing core marketing infrastructure (marketing automation, data management, CRM, CMS).

    B2B CMOs face a key challenge, re: lack of standards for storing, managing, exchanging behavioral (and static) B2B data across multiple marketing, sales and CX clouds – as and when that (starts to) happen, we will see the next wave of B2B martech innovation, well beyond what’s top of mind for many B2B marketers today, viz: “ABM”.

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