Account-Based Marketing Meets Big Data – DemandBase acquires WhoToo

DemandBase-LogoWith the WhoToo acquisition, we’ll have the opportunity to create new Account-Based Marketing solutions that help B2B marketers reach the right people in their target accounts more effectively.

Chris Golec, CEO DemandBase

Placing the source of data closer to the platform that consumes it… makes a ton of sense. Great acquisition team DemandBase!

For years I’ve pondered the issues surrounding marketing data… siloed internal data, external third-party data and the surrounding processes to maximize the value of those assets. It’s universally agreed that better data leads to more effective marketing… customer engagement and better ROI.

Today, one of the greatest hurdles in realizing this upside is the inability to make sense of data across platforms. This gap precludes essential activities like attribution and even marketing optimization – channel / siloed optimization is an incomplete answer. Pivotal to this effort are a range of relatively boring ideas, like CDI (Customer Data Integration), the ability to recognize same audience members within and across data. This leads to the ability to collapse data siloes and develop an actionable dataset, to drive the audience level optimization and the attribution we all seek.

Match rates and accuracy are primary measures as to how well this is done. It’s typical to see match rates for cookies (i.e. DMP) in the 10% to 15% range, and the matching of disparate databases to be in the 50% to 60% range. What would marketing look like if were able to match at 70%, or 80% or 90%? It’s a game-changer. Each percent of missed or errant matching is a one percent gap in efficacy.

Circling back to DemandBase and this acquisition… placing 3rd party data adjacent to their marketing platform creates the opportunity to reach high match rates at scale. They have the opportunity to remove what is often times nothing but another weak link in a fragile chain.


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