Kwanzoo is going wider than ABM, focus on engagement

KwanzooI had the pleasure of meeting with Mani Iyer, CEO at Kwanzoo. During the hustle of Dreamforce we met on the rooftop patio hosted by InsideView, the “Open Lounge”. What a beautiful afternoon!

During our conversation he shared his company vision and I found it very compelling. It brought to mind a point I made in a recent LinkedIn article… “ABM is an ‘AND’ strategy“. The fact that you’re executing on an ABM strategy doesn’t mean that you should stop doing blogging, social engagement or ignore SEO. Important people will still find you and you need a way to engage and monitor them.  To that end, he’s built a platform that coalesces an engagement strategy… one aspect being account based. From delivery of display, email and social above the top of the funnel to nurturing of nascent interest, he’s focused on solving a bigger picture of engagement, while keeping an eye on the consideration of how buyers do their buying… as a team, an Account.

I look forward to seeing his vision continue to expand.

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  1. September 18, 2015 at 1:25 pm

    Thanks Mark. I appreciate this post. We have approached ABM advertising as ONE of multiple outbound marketing programs that B2B marketers will want to deploy as part of their program mix.

    ABM advertising, as you have stated, is very much an “AND” strategy for many companies. We call it “#NetsAndSpears” given Jon Miller’s analogy to “fishing nets” for MAP-based or contact-based marketing, and “spears” for account-based marketing (ABM).

    We frame all that we do under “Outbound Marketing Automation”. Kwanzoo’s offerings cover several outbound areas: full-funnel retargeting, ABM advertising and personalized display via RTB/DSP platforms.

    We recommend that customers look at their key data assets around their prospects & customers, viz: their site traffic, email lists, account lists. Then use a goal-based approach (net new leads, mid-funnel nurture, pipeline acceleration, up-sell/cross-sell) to decide which specific outbound programs they want to deploy. They can deploy an individual program on its own, or can gain scale and technology cost savings from running multiple outbound programs together.

    We have also been innovating around the reporting delivered with outbound programs. Customers want really easy-to-use dashboards across outbound programs, with business & performance metrics nicely separated out – and a simple way to manage their entire outbound marketing life cycle. That’s been a major focus of our latest platform release – which we are really excited about!

    Thanks again for this post.

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