So, what’s this ABM Consortium thing?

We believe in a fact-based, vendor-agnostic approach to ABM. We’re unique in that we tap proprietary research into more than 500 programs across five continents to deliver against a singular focus: “high-performance ABM”.
Beyond the acronyms, top 10 lists, and vendor movements, we deliver the content, benchmarking, and consulting services that instill confidence to those who seek to buck the odds and outperform competitors in this new account-centric sales and marketing world.

What is Account-Based Marketing?

Account-based marketing is a data-driven B2B strategy designed to focus attention and investment on a defined list of prospective accounts. This represents a fundamental shift in strategy – From the objective of acquiring and nurturing individual relationships to the laser-focused strategy to engage specific buyer roles at specific target accounts. This strategy represents a departure from inbound and B2C practices where the focus is on targeting and building relationships with individuals. In contrast, ABM seeks to engage and influence specific buyer roles at specific target accounts.

Six key capabilities have been identified as the defining characteristics of successful Account-Based Marketing programs:

  • Account selection
  • Insights
  • Content
  • Orchestration
  • Targeted delivery
  • Measurement

AccountBased.Marketing is a consortium of B2B marketing technology leaders focused on delivering ABM solutions around the globe. Our effort is to 1) Define, 2) Validate, and 3) Promote the best practices that deliver high-performance.