High-Performance ABM

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High-Performance ABM

For years, surveys have indicated that 90% of B2B marketers intend to deploy ABM. How can that be? At some point the adoption would be so great that only a few marketers hadn't deployed it yet. Right? The hype and hyperbole are terrible, confusing and absurd!

Enter the ABM Consortium. For the last three years we've been the sole voice of sanity in an insane world. Skip the acronyms, vendor movements, and top 10 list... ABM isn't a platform or tactic, it's a strategy. Done right, it's amazingly powerful, yet only 18% of ABM programs produce high performance results. What makes them different? We have the answers!

Based upon research into 500 ABM programs from across five continents, we have the content and resources to help you learn, assess your own ABM program, and get assistance in building your confidence and the performance of your ABM program.

5 ways we can help you build an awesome ABM program:

  1. Read our Awesome ABM Content - make sure you grab the research report and white paper!
  2. Contribute to the social conversation: Twitter, LinkedIn Group
  3. Assess and benchmark your ABM program
  4. Grab a custom workshop for your team
  5. Let us know how we can best help, Contact Us.