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Scale is NOT a substitute for intimacy

ABM Consortium teamed up with the folks at PFL to write our most recent piece of content.

Everyone expects an email, display ad, or call from you. That’s why the industry of buyers have constructed SPAM filters, ad blockers and do not call lists. Automating these options, to make them cheaper and more prolific misses the point… they’re being avoided, ignored and resented.

This report will help you unpack the rationale for why this connection gap occurs and offers a clear path forward, to rise above the noise of distraction and truly engage your target accounts.

Learn how 18% of ABM programs dominate their competitors

Account-Based Marketing is no longer the "checkbox" for success. How you deploy your program leads directly to the results you'll receive.

In this research report we engaged 500 ABM practitioners across five continents. Our goal was to identify high-performance ABM programs and isolate the strategies and tactics that they do differently... so you can benefit directly from their experience.

Define your high-performance ABM tactics

This whitepaper explores three use cases for improving ABM performance: Starting a new program, restarting a poor performing program, accelerating a mature ABM program. Based upon fact-based, research driven advice, we'll share our best secrets with you.

The ABM Data Management Process

Does your ABM program suffer from its' inability to identify the needs of Target Accounts? Do you think your marketing automation platform is confusing those target accounts because they're embedded in an unknown number of irrelevant nurturing flows? If so, check out the first ever ABM Data Management Process, a framework for managing your ABM program impact.

For ABM, Data is a Good Four-Letter Word

No marketer has ever said that their marketing data rocks, but they should! For those who have an ABM program, consider this… can you tell me how many target account buyers you have in your marketing automation system? Bonus points if you can tell me that the content they’re receiving is on the same strategy as your ABM efforts. In this article we introduce our latest IP... the ABM Data Management Process.

Check out this article that we contributed to ABM In Action if you're looking to improve the performance of your ABM program and need to learn more about the value of both 1st and 3rd party data.

Let's Grow This Thing, ABM

After the first several years of this popular thing called ABM, one truth remains consistent: ABM practitioners and marketing leaders remain confused and all too many have grabbed a seat by the sidelines to watch the circus of hype and hyperbole go by.

Check out this article if you want to learn about the structural and environmental issues that continue to confuse and derail successful ABM programs

ABM's Vanity Metric: Engagement

Don’t let others tell you that the number of ad clicks and website visits represent engagement and that this is a key objective of ABM. This volumetric vision of engagement is a loosely fit activity measure, at best. Not that you shouldn’t track these activities, but they shouldn’t be the reason you engage your sales team, boast about the cool results you’ve generated or most importantly, the reason you declare an account as marketing qualified.

Check out this article that we contributed to ABM In Action if you're confused by narrow vendor pitches and want to know ACTUAL ABM metrics.

ABM Orchestration By The Numbers

Funny, but even this basic concept is getting a lot of bad interpretation these days. Getting this wrong requires a complete lapse in marketing approach. Knowing your audience and their needs are just a base foundation of marketing competence. Expanding personas about the buyers and influencers helps to put a face on them.

ABM In Action article

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