Through our research we found that high performing ABM programs are but a small fraction of all ABM programs but yield the majority of benefits.

  • Ability to measure revenue impact – this is critical for demonstrating the value of ABM, and frankly, all of marketing to your C-leaders and sales team. A new marketing investment along with a bunch of hand waiving and excitement can produce a career limiting situation for marketers. Measurement is priority #1. 
  • Tightly aligned sales and marketing teams – actual sales and marketing alignment is not a common outcome across all ABM programs. High performance programs come at this meeting of the minds from a very different perspective. Focus is placed on more than just account selection, things like account level planning, creative / content approach and measured outcomes are all placed upfront, early in the process of building an ABM program. An often missed element of the ABM strategy is that the most aligned teams are also focused a level deeper than target accounts. They understand that the sales people keenly focused on identifying and building relationships with those who are capable of influencing or making a purchase decision: CEB calls this the Buying Group and SiriusDecisions further hones this down further to a purchase specific Demand Unit. 
  • A better customer experience – The ABM strategy that aligns most with high-performance is the ability to identify needs expressed by target account, identify content that speaks to those needs, and to deliver that content through the most viable channel. 85% can do this. Amazing how this audience based relevancy creates a better experience and greater revenue impact.
  • More revenue – ABM isn’t a silver bullet that can transform weak ideas into revenue impact. What you do and how you do it, at each step of the process, will define your outcomes. For those who follow this process, they outperform all others.

Only 18% of ABM programs produce measurable and high performance revenue impact. The ABM Consortium provides your road map to success, at each step of the process!

To learn more about the right Account Based Marketing Framework for achieving these benefits, examine our 6 Capabilities. Leveraging these capabilities, marketers naturally achieve the desired sales and marketing alignment (capabilities: Account Selection & Insights), deliver a better customer experience (capabilities: Content & Orchestration), and can optimize their programs (capabilities: Measurement).