If you’re searching for a more strategic vision of account-based marketing, or if you’ve wondered why the hype of technology is so common and changing, this article is for you!

After years of content creation, webinars and presentations, why is it that 81% of B2B marketing leaders lack “Confidence” in their organizations ability to execute an Account-Based program? Despite survey results showing incredible interest and intent indicators, the vast majority of marketing leaders are left without a path to move forward.

ABM Insider Article

Find your path forward to high-performance ABM

Starting this week, I’ll be publishing a lot about this topic. Starting today with this article and a panel at Dreamforce. Soon, we’ll be exploring more from the B2B marketing, technology and demand gen agency perspective. I think this is a powerful area to tap. They tend to have more of the “right” conversations… strategy before technology and tactics… a dialog that’s plaguing the ABM industry.

Stay tuned and let me know your thoughts!