ABM 2.0: The Expert Panel

The ABM Consortium is teaming up with ZenIQ and CEO’s from four of the top B2B Marketing agencies for the only non-vendor sponsored ABM session during Dreamforce 2017. This is the real stuff, not narrow vendor pitches.

For your eyes only… the session abstract

Account-Based Strategies have produced simultaneous hype and confusion. While projected adoption’s ramped up, marketing leaders still find revenue impact and confidence in their organizations Account-Based strategies elusive.

This session features the collective wisdom of CEOs from the top B2B agencies. Our goal is to tap the best insight from hundreds of successful account-based programs so you can hone your strategy for an amazing 2018!

During this interactive session we’ll unpack the past and plot the future of Account-Based strategies:

  • Account-Based Strategies over time – From list based ideas of yesteryear, to lead acquisition, to target account engagement. What’s changed and how should you adapt your organization?
  • Is “Data” a four letter word? – Is ABM fundamentally a media or data challenge?
    “Acronym soup” – Are Account-Based strategies about an audience, a team, a platform or a new acronym?
  • Leads and demand gen – What’s the role of marketing automation and demand generation in this new Account-Based world?
  • Plotting your approach – What are the top considerations as you plan your account-based program for 2018?
  • Is Sales and Marketing Alignment enough? – Alignment looks great in a deck but hard to execute. Why is it hard and how should leaders adjust?

Like every wave of tech innovation, best practice evolves rapidly. We want you to stay ahead of the curve, to be confident in your account-based strategy.