ABM 1.0 And The Confidence Gap

The folks at Demand Gen Report and their ABM In Action publication just released a new article from our team… “Clearing The ABM Roadblock.” In collaboration with CEOs from Demand Gen Int’l, Digital Pi, Inverta and Yesler, this article breaks new ground in helping B2B marketers gain confidence in their organizations ability to execute ABM within their organization.

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81% of B2B marketing leaders lack confidence in their ability to execute ABM

After years of presentations, pallets of decks and ebooks, how can this be the case?

Well, this article fills the gap, providing both a background on how this issue occurs and how to turn the corner and start building your confidence. Featuring the top piece of advice from each executive, our collective voice is focused on creating actionable steps for you to enter 2018 with a kick-ass ABM program.

Focus on the "M" in your ABM

ABM has never been solely about selecting accounts and delivering ads… or email or packages. For ABM to be successful, marketers need to be able to identify a great audience, know their buying personas, understand their needs, deliver content that’s focused on those varied needs and measure the results of those efforts. Simple, right?

Not so simple… 

  • 75% of buyers prefer fewer ads (marketing) that are aligned to their needs;
  • 71% say they would be interested if it were tailored to their interests and habits.
  • People are 7X more likely to click on a marketing message that reflects their preferences and habits.

This understanding of buyer needs and interest doesn’t start with the purchase of a new platform. Typically, it already exists. For most mid to large organizations, you already have the digital exhaust of prior engagement within your target accounts. Find it and you will find engagement and revenue traction. You’ll find ABM 2.0!

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