ABM Engagement Strategy – Freya News

FreyaNews-logoI had the opportunity to catch up with Freya News during Dreamforce last week: Johan Sundstrand, CEO, and Charlie Strömberg, Partner & Head of Production. Our one hour meeting spilled over into a two hour conversation, on a beautiful and warm late-Summer afternoon.

Content strategy and messaging frameworks never fail to interest me. Content is the fuel for customer engagement. Coming into this conversation I thought we were going to talk about the value of quality and targeted content… and how most ABM conversations haven’t given this topic the focus it deserves. While we did discuss that, I was more amazed by their well-conceived ABM engagement strategy and supporting tools to truly deliver on the value content should bring to marketers and their audiences.

Freya News follows a four-step process in customer engagement:

  • Strategy – From objectives, to current performance and sales & marketing alignment, the Freya News team seeks to uncover the target accounts, objectives within those accounts and the marketing activities necessary to achieve those objectives.
  • Content Creation – Don’t consider using ABM if you can’t create content that targets specific needs and stages of engagement. Freya News has an amazing array of content production and hosting technology as well as a white glove production process.
  • Distribution – Most of todays conversation about ABM if focused on sending account targeted media. Freya News sees this stage as targeted content sent to targeted accounts. Bang on!
  • Analytics – Measurement at the account level is necessary. Measurement at the apex of account, channel, and content version is the holy grail.

To boot, they even offer a free “first step”… a one hour strategy review / workshop.

Parallel to the “6 ABM Capabilities Framework” we’ve built for the Account Based Marketing Consortium, Freya News demonstrates that they understand the full range of solutions necessary to support an Account Based Marketing program. As mentioned at the onset of this piece I believe the early three stage, capabilities necessary to manage a full ABM deployment, are often understated in content about this topic: Account Selection, Insights, and Content. It’s really a pleasure to know that a team of talented and welcoming people are addressing these areas!