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2016 Prognostications: @JonMiller says this is the year for high-performance ABM

Quoting a joke from Joe Chernov ( @jchernov ), Jon describes this as the year that marketers shift from talking about ABM to actually deploying it – no spoiler alert, watch the video! Jon also comments on the research and approach defined by the Account Based Marketing Consortium. The ABM Capabilities Framework and quantification of the best path will help marketers…

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What do 18% of #ABM practitioners know and why does it make them successful?

True, new research indicates 82% of ABM programs fail to achieve measurable success. Why is that? How do these deployments differ from the ones that win? No spoiler alerts here… you’ll need to learn the answer in the full context of this free research report. This report is the fruits of our labor, the Account Based Marketing Consortium. Learning from the…

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@JonMiller Publishes “Clear & Complete Guide To #ABM”

In reading Jon’s book, I really enjoyed the focus on performance and giving concrete ideas as to how marketers need to think of their deployments.  Kicking off my thoughts, I’d like to start with a great quote from the book… “ABM is not a magic wand. Instead, it’s a powerful combination of people, process, and technology that deployed intelligently will outperform…

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